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It is an exciting time to be in the profession. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, creating new opportunities to practice optometry that weren’t possible just a few years ago.

These technologies will encourage optometrists to keep up with these changes to better serve their patients. A higher standard of care, better clinical outcomes, and enhanced patient experiences will continue to result. Whatever the future may bring, Doctors of Optometry will continue to give their patients the highest level of primary eyecare using their ever-increasing awareness of new insights and developments.

We at DigitalOptometrics believe that Tele-Optometry done responsively can enable and empower ODs to advocate for patient health and outcomes by focusing on patient care, data analysis, and patient engagement versus data collection and input.

  • Optometrists can utilize the latest in optical technology to deliver quality eye health and vision analysis.
  • Remote performance of exams can be performed by Optometrists with flexible scheduling to accommodate their needs and choices either on a part-time or full-time basis, thus creating a stronger work/life balance.
  • Optometrists can now focus more time on eye health and vision analysis in reviewing all pre-testing and refraction data.
  • Staff Optometrists can schedule days off, vacations and other personal quality of life events without impacting the availability of exams for patients.

DigitalOptometrics creates the opportunity for licensed optometrists to offer more patients a quality eye exam from a single distant location with social distancing replicating an in-person, on-site eye exam by an optometrist and offers them flexible days and hours for personal time.

DigitalOptometrics is committed to elevating the doctor-patient relationship, creating greater access to eye care and creating opportunities for Optometrists to participate in OD-driven, Patient-centric, responsible Tele-Optometry.

Optometrists can now balance several quality-of-life events and/or return to the profession by practicing from their home offices

The newest eye examination technology in the practice of optometry brings to the optometrist the following:

  • Performance of quality eye health and vision analysis exams from a home office location.
  • Elimination of the time and cost associated with travel to optical locations to perform eye exams.
  • Stay at-home eye care professionals can return to the profession utilizing their home office for eye examination of patients.
  • Perform eye exams on patients in states in which you are licensed or become licensed from your home office.
  • All eye examinations are performed with “social distancing” among patients, optical staff, and optometrists.
  • Work schedules, either “full time” or part-time”, are arranged at the convenience of the optometrist during days, evenings, and weekends.
  • No loss of compensation for eye exams performed at home-office location.
  • Professional liability insurance provided at no cost to the optometrist

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