Melling Medical Joins with DigitalOptometrics to offer Remote Eye Exams to the VA and other Federal Facilities - Digital Optometrics

Melling Medical Joins with DigitalOptometrics to offer Remote Eye Exams to the VA and other Federal Facilities

Published August 26, 2019

Telehealth through Tele-Optometry now Available to Department of Veterans Affairs Facilities and other Federal Departments and Agencies throughout the United States with Melling Medical

Remotely Performed Comprehensive Eye Health and Vision Analysis Provides Better Access to a Quality, Cost-Effective Eye Examination Solution by Serving Patients in Understaffed, Underserved and Remote Locations

Lake Success, N.Y. – DigitalOptometrics LLC , a telehealth company in the field of tele-optometry is a developer of patented technology, utilized in more than 20,000 eye exams, in the remote performance of comprehensive eye examinations, today announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Melling Medical to offer its remote eye health and vision exam system to the Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals, Indian Health Services, the Bureau of Prisons, and other federal government healthcare facilities in the United States.

About DigitalOptometrics

DigitalOptometrics software technology delivers improved access to quality cost effective comprehensive eye exams. It couples ability for early detection of disease with the issuance of corrective prescriptions for eye glasses and contact lenses by licensed Optometrists engaged by the federal department supplemented by DigitalOptometrics licensed Optometrists. Exams are remotely performed with live in-person, real-time visual and voice communications between patient and Optometrist utilizing the latest technology in telecommunications replicating an in-person, on-site comprehensive eye exam. DigitalOptometrics delivers Improved access to patients for eye exams during off hours of Optometrists and provides comprehensive eye exams by licensed Optometrists to underserved areas through performance of subjective eye exams by remote operation of a phoropter.

About Melling Medical
Melling Medical, a CVE-verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), is a leading provider to federal health facilities throughout the U.S., delivering timely innovation where it is needed most. It currently serves more than 160 VA Medical Centers, all seven CMOPs, 95 DoD Medical Facilities and Health and Human Services (HHS), including Indian Health Services (IHA) and the Center for Disease Control, providing cost-effective healthcare solutions in optometry, ophthalmology, oncology and other medical areas with more than 50 recognized quality partners. For more information on Melling Medical, please visit

More information about the DigitalOptometrics remote comprehensive eye care examination system can be found at

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