Tele-Optometry Company DigitalOptometrics Expecting High Growth in 2019 - Digital Optometrics

Tele-Optometry Company DigitalOptometrics Expecting High Growth in 2019

Tele-Optometry Company DigitalOptometrics
Expecting High Growth in 2019
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DigitalOptometrics is on the
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With more than 10,000 specially U.S. trained employees our installation
capabilities will now support our staff to meet the growth needs of our clients
with prompt, effective and cost-efficient installation services of our remote
optical exam system. Our remote eye exam system is operating in four states
in the U.S. and two provinces in Canada with additional installations scheduled
in those and other geographies. Our new IT service company relationship will
support our current plans for growth and expansion in additional states during
the first quarter of this year.
Our company has a core staff of experienced ophthalmic professionals as part
of our management team each with more than 30 years of experience in
managing and implementing new optical systems throughout the U.S to ensure
uninterrupted performance of the installed systems. They will continue to be
involved by providing coordination, oversight and supervision of the installation
process for all new installations.
“We commercially introduced our remote optical system less than a year ago at
Vision Expo East in New York City and have now successfully completed more
than 5,000 optical exams with flawless quality exam performance and high
patient approval ratings. Licensed Optometrists who have become familiar with
our remote optical system and its benefits support the introduction of our new
telemedicine technology to the optical industry. We expect 2019 to be an
exciting year and welcome our new IT service company to help us implement
our growth” said Howard S. Fried, O.D., President of DigitalOptometrics LLC.
Learn more about Tele-Optometry Exams:
DigitalOptometrics has developed new optical software which permits Patients
at an optical exam location to receive a “comprehensive eye health
examination” to be performed by a licensed Optometrist from a location
remote from the Patient.
The capabilities of a live remote video conference between the Optometrist and
Patient and remote operation of optical equipment is utilized. The result is a
complete eye health examination with subjective visual findings by an
Optometrist followed by the delivery of an accurate prescription to the Patient for the correction of vision within
minutes of the examination conclusion.
DigitalOptometrics has expanded its installation capabilities to meet the demand for its remote comprehensive eye
exam system. This was made possible by contracting with a 30-year-old global professional IT service company with
specialties in healthcare, telecommunications and technology. The IT company will drive our installation process and
help to meet the needs of our expected high growth.
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