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Tele-Optometry by DigitalOptometrics

Dr. Howard Fried, a Doctor of optometry for more than 20 years, identified the national need for additional optometrists by providers of optical exams. Providers were unable to meet the demand of patients for optical exams. He was determined to find a solution and assembled a team of optical software development specialists to design a solution to the problem and permit patient access to a comprehensive eye health exam at the convenience of patients.

The Process:

After two years of development Dr. Howard Fried and his team harnessed new advancements in technology to introduce Tele-Optometry by DigitalOptometrics. It’s an optical system that begins with a patient entering information and medical history on a computer tablet, the gathering of  patient eye data from ten (10)  health and vision analysis tests including a visual eye refraction by a qualified ophthalmic technician using the capabilities of the internet with high-definition video conferencing and remote operated optical equipment. All of the patient data is then reviewed remotely by a licensed optometrist. The optometrist can, if necessary, further refine the corrective lens findings remotely and will review the results of the optical exam and answer patient questions by video conferencing. At the conclusion of the exam the patient is issued a new corrective prescription for glasses or contacts or may be referred to a specialist based upon the findings of the doctor……….all within 30 minutes.

Our panel of optometrists can now serve several optical exam locations simultaneously via video conferencing and remotely operated equipment thereby making comprehensive eye health exams readily available to all patients at their convenience.

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