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What are the Advantages of Telemedicine?

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If you are not completely aware of Telemedicine, and how it will be able to provide you with a better health care, then this is a list to see the full benefits that you could receive.

Advantages to the Patient:

  • Travelling to the office of a health provider, clinic or hospital will no longer be necessary because you can directly communicate with your provider whenever you find it appropriate or necessary. This means that you are able to eliminate the expenses of travelling.
  • Patients can remain in their home, and still be administered by their provider.
  • Eliminates the perils of travelling during a storm or a winter.
  • Patients will have more time with their family or do their work because consulting via telemedicine does not require waiting for a long period, and will not consume too much time since you do not have to travel back and forth.
  • Patients that are children no longer have to miss the whole day of schooling since they can communicate with their telemedicine provider.
  • Patients are able to reduce the time and money spent since they can obtain the care that they need via high video conferencing.

Advantages to the Provider:

  • Eliminate the travel periods of going to clinics and hospitals to perform the routine of checking up and administering their patients.
  • They are able to be more efficient health providers since they can attend to patients that are located at distant locations without travel.
  • Telemedicine providers save time and are able to attend to more patients.
  • Easier connection between patient and provider which will enable the patients to consult with the specific provider.

Advantages to Hospitals:

  • Yield more earnings from patients that are in the hospital while the providers are located at different locations.
  • Regulate the specific services that the hospital provides.
  • Broaden the service to more patients which will help in improving the health service offered to the community.
  • Medical staffs can increase their training without travelling to far places.
  • Reduce the costs of time and money whenever hospital officials hold a meeting since they can attend the meetings through Telemedicine.

Advantages to Society:

  • Increase the availability of health providers which decreases the shortage of unattended patients.
  • The funds used for health services in the society will still be within the chain of the society’s businesses.
  • The expansion of health services to the society encourages businesses to relocate in their area.

Advantages of the Service Payer:

  • Decrease the amount of money and time spent for travelling to hospitals and clinics.
  • Reduction of costs for medical services.
  • Patients will be able to have the health care that they need more quickly, which reduces the chance of amplifying the ailment of patients which will also reduce the amount of money to be spent since providers are able to attend to the patients much sooner.

Tele-Optometry by DigitalOptometrics

DigitalOptometrics has developed and harnessed the advancements in technology in providing better eye care for their patients due to the need for more Optometrists to provide patients with optical exams. Tele-Optometry has developed the solution for this problem to help more patients have convenient access to comprehensive eye exams.

The process begins with the patient providing all the necessary information and medical history, gather patient’s eye data through a pre-testing exam, and analyzes the vision by testing the visual refraction that uses high-definition video conferencing technology with remote operated ophthalmic equipment by qualified Ophthalmic Technician. All of the patient’s data will be remotely reviewed by a licensed Optometrist, who will refine the corrective lens findings and further review the results of the optical exam, and answer to any questions and queries that the patient may have via video conferencing. After the completion of the exam, the patient will be issued with a new corrective prescription for glasses or contacts or will be referred to a specialist based on the findings of the Optometrist. The whole process will be completed in less than within 30 minutes.

To learn more about the advantages that you can receive from Tele-optometry by DigitalOptometrics, contact us at (877) 506-0002 or email info@Digitaloptometrics.com.