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What is Telemedicine?


Understanding Telemedicine

The difficulty of bridging the gap between a patient and a medical practitioner caused by the distance, time restraint, lack of providers, and inconvenience has been addressed all thanks to Telemedicine which delivers health care services through the use of telecommunications.

Health service becomes more accessible

When it comes to health concerns, time and distance have always been a crucial aspect in terms of healthcare accessibility. Through telemedicine, patients and providers are able to overcome these obstacles. Patients can receive necessary healthcare with ease without travelling a distance to receive the care that they need from providers that have their own specialization. It is a big advantage for societies which are in great need and experiencing difficulty in accessing clinics and medical practitioners.

Boosting the condition of health service

Patients are able to have the quality of care that they need in both fields of medical and mental well-being with the help of telemedicine. According to research, by using telemedicine, the patients experience:

  • 38% less being admitted to the hospital
  • 31% less being re-admitted to the hospital
  • 63% decreased the days in which they spend in the hospital

Curtailing the costs of health service

Patients are able to save money because of the productivity of telemedicine providers that helped their patients to no longer seek hospital care, but rather have the care that they need resulting in 19% reduction of health care costs.

Innovating the connection of doctor-patient

One of the cornerstones of health service is a good relationship between the doctor and their patient to provide the best standard of care. Telemedicine is a new method replicating the conventional face-to-face consultation for health service. Telemedicine has also been proven to be an advantageous tool for providers to enable them to visit their patients in person while also being able to remotely attend to other patients for follow up visits and check-ups whenever it is necessary and when convenient.

Improving contentment of the patient

Through telemedicine, patients are able to have the health care that they need in such a way that it is convenient to them in terms of easier access to providers which decreases the hassle of going to the hospital for a check-up. In this way, both the patient and the provider are able to find an appropriate schedule that suits them most.

Improving contentment of the provider

Telemedicine is able to make the job of the provider flexible despite all the work-loads that the provider handles because they are able to bring harmony between work and personal life since they are capable of choosing the preferred time that they want whenever and wherever which improves their satisfaction.

Tele-Optometry by DigitalOptometrics

DigitalOptometrics have developed and harnessed technology to provide convenient and quality eye care to patients responding to the need for additional access to Optometrists for optical exams. Comprehensive eye exams are now made available at the convenience of patients.

The process begins with the patient providing necessary information and medical history, patient’s eye data is secured during optical pre-testing, and an Ophthalmic Technician remotely performs visual refraction using high-definition video conferencing with remotely operated ophthalmic equipment. All of the patient’s data is reviewed by a licensed Optometrist, who is remotely based, who finalizes the corrective lens findings and reviews the results of the optical exam, and answers questions and queries that the patient may have via high definition video conferencing. Upon completion of the exam, the patient will be issued a corrective prescription for glasses or contacts or will be referred to a specialist based on the findings of the Optometrist. The entire exam will be completed within 30 minutes.

To learn more about the advantages of Tele-optometry with DigitalOptometrics, contact us at (877) 506-0002 or email info@Digitaloptometrics.com.