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Frequently Asked Questions

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DigitalOptometrics is a technology company that has developed new optical software which permits patients at an optical exam location to receive a comprehensive eye examination performed by a licensed and skilled optometrist from a location remote from the optical exam site and includes the use of a live remote video conference between doctor and patient. The system is sometimes referred to as Tele-Health or Tele-Optometry.

Now patients no longer will be required to make an appointment for an eye exam that matches both their convenience with the presence of an eye doctor at the exam site. Doctors will be available all days and hours that the optical exam site is open for business permitting the patient to walk-in whenever convenient for a comprehensive eye exam.

A comprehensive eye exam addresses ten (10) subject areas including a vision analysis, the gathering of ocular and medical information from the patient and the performance of optical tests.  The exam results in, among other things, a subjective visual finding to determine an accurate prescription for the correction of your vision and information on the current condition of the health of your eye…………. An eye exam limited to a refraction results solely in a finding for the correction of your vision.

The exam will begin with your participation in a “DigitalOptometrics Tablet Kiosk-Patient Experience” ….an education tool to enter your patient information and medical history. This will be followed by visual prescreening performed by a skilled ophthalmic technician which includes an autorefraction of your eyes, determination of your current eyeglass prescription, photos of the front and back of your eyes along with a screening test for glaucoma.  A remotely based ophthalmic technician will then perform a subjective refraction with a phoropter while conversing with you by a live remote video conference unit. All the information will then be delivered to a skilled licensed optometrist who will recheck, if necessary, your visual findings, review and discuss the exam findings with you and answer your questions by live video conferencing. Finally, the doctor will deliver an optical prescription to you within minutes.

From the time the patient completes a registration form on a computer tablet to the completion of the comprehensive eye examination the total elapsed time will average less than 30 minutes.

Prescriptions will be issued within minutes of the conclusion of the eye exam, allowing for quick and easy purchase of eyewear or contact lenses.

No.  The additional cost of having a doctor available to perform an eye exam at all days and hours is offset by the reduced cost of having the doctor perform exams on patients located at more than one exam site.

The doctor will refer the patient to other specialty providers as needed.  This may include optometrists specializing in glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, dry eye, blepharitis, vision therapy, neuro optometric rehabilitation, or specialty contact lens fits.  Other referrals may include ophthalmologists who are specialists in retina, dry eye, cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, or neuro.  Referrals may also be made to your Primary Care Physician, Endocrinologist, or others as per the prescribing optometrist recommendations.

Yes………Most companies will cover eye exams performed by tele-optometry because the exam includes protocol for early detection of eye disease and the technology will reduce the cost of comprehensive eye exams.

A comprehensive eye exam can be given without an eye care professional being scheduled and present at the exam site permitting eye exams to be performed during all days and hours of business operation.

Yes…The fixed cost for the presence of an eyecare professional to perform exams is eliminated. A fee is only charged for each eye exam and multiple locations can be added without concern over the staffing of an eyecare professional at each location. Walk-in patients are encouraged with no appointment necessary. Sales will no longer be lost due to the absence of an eyecare professional to perform an exam and issue a prescription.

Depends upon the equipment currently utilized and what can be utilized. Cost to purchase can vary from $ 25,000 to $80,000 based upon equipment needed with very favorable lease/purchase terms that can be secured to finance the purchase. A site visit can be performed to configure the equipment necessary, provide monthly lease costs and a calculation of estimated return on investment.

The host retailer will only be charged a small fee for each exam. No other minimum or fixed charge will be made to the host retailer.

Yes……..Equipment can be used remotely by a licensed eye care professional or with an in-person doctor.

No………….DigitalOptometics will be staffed for eye exams during all days and hours of your business operation with no limitations and without appointments.

Prescriptions will be issued within minutes of the conclusion of the eye exam, allowing quick and easy purchase of eyewear.

The size of the room is typical for an exam lane approximately 6 feet by 8 feet.

Generally, no………..The staff member you currently use for optical pre-screening can be utilized for pre-screening and presence in the exam room with the patient while the phoropter is operated remotely by our certified Ophthalmic Technician and Optometrist. If you do not currently perform optical exams then an additional staff member should be assigned.

The return of investment will depend on the equipment purchased. We can calculate the estimated return after determining your equipment requirements. But, the lease cost can begin at less than $25.00 per day and be offset from the sales of eyewear secured from only a couple of exams per month.

Probably substantial since no customer who seeks an optical exam without an appointment will be turned away and hours and days of business operation with optical exams can be expanded without scheduling and incurring the fixed cost of an in-person optometrist.

We have an exam lane at our corporate office in Lake Success, N.Y. available for a demonstration and can arrange an appointment with you.

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